Thursday, January 5, 2017

Practicing Choka-Form Poetry

We are all so insignificant when compared to the grandiosity of our world, the universe...even the earth we stand upon is so large with it's sky set against us.

My poem was also inspired by this song and the amazing video (which has been a source of inspiration for me since I discovered it a few yeas ago).

This is my attempt at a Choka poem. I tried to stay consistent with the 5/7/5 line scheme.

We Are But Flecks of Dust Against The Sky

Early morn I watch the moon
hide behind the sun
he breathes his last fading beams
across the suns crown,
pulls a hood across the stars.
And come early eve
I watch the sun sparkle-dance
at the rounded edge
of a dark, gloaming twilight
she curtains the moon
as he skips across the sky
and I become but
a brushstroke across canvas,
a sack-full of stars
I am a grain among the sand.
And at once I know
I am not magnificent,
at best I am skin and breath.

Written for a poetry challenge at dVerse.


  1. Love the poem & the perspective, with touches of New Age sentiment & existential overtones. As insignificant as we (perhaps) are, still, as co-creators of the universe, as spiritual entities powerful beyond measure, each of us, in our own way, are indispensable.

    1. thank you for the inspirational reminder. :)

  2. Yes, we are grains among the sands ~ Admiring the revelation towards the end ~ THanks for joining us Stacy ~

  3. Your words come from your deep beautiful soul. Its amazing how you do this. Your words are beautiful and amazing. I love it ☺

  4. It is beautiful poem it truly amazing.

  5. Gayle Walters RoseJanuary 5, 2017 at 4:16 PM

    I think Glenn is right, we're all co-creators of this vast universe, our energies merge to bring about everything around us. I love your choka which questions our existence and our importance or lack thereof. Well done and thanks for sharing today.
    Gayle ~

  6. I just thought how insignificant we are, yet it's said that you can see the world in a grain of sand. Maybe that's why humans are so complex. Love how you painted the dawn.

  7. wonderful words. it is when we witness that which surrounds us in Nature that gives us perspective. when we face west and let the wind blow our hair and then breathe it, we become it. yes, 'of flesh and bone' and so tiny in the realm of 'all' yet we are significant to its makeup.

  8. Wonderfully painted picture.Who is to say a grain of sand is not magnificent?

  9. I wish to share the video...can see why it moved you to write the choka as you did...we are stardust and more...


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