Wednesday, January 4, 2017

My Word For the Year

"Life is Beautiful."  Not just my word, but a way of life!

Life is too short to wallow in silly mundane miseries.  It's too short for grudges and arguments and bad memories.  Someone once told me that in life, you must choose to take the good, leave the bad, and move on because time stops for no one.

It took me quite some time to adhere this simple value to my way of living, but as of late I am really integrating this idea into my life.  I have a daily gratitude journal, I also enjoy random acts of kindness bestowed to others when I can.  Compassion is a beautiful thing, in and of itself.

Life is about loving.  It's about the good things.  That is my focus for this year.  Life is a beautiful journey and you never know when your ticket is up, so live.  Live it to the fullest!  Be weird, be daring, be ridiculous.  Kick your shoes off, run barefoot in the sand, lay in the grass and talk to the stars.  :)

Created for an art challenge at Three Muses..


  1. A joyful, beautifully designed picture and great sentiments. Yes, life is beautiful and I guess we should all be working towards keeping it that way.

  2. Wonderful picture and when you realize: this is how it is :)

  3. As the saying goes "The joy is in the journey!", and you've illustrated that beautifully!

  4. Oh, I wholeheartedly agree with this sentiment and everything about it is full of joy! Loud applause from me.

  5. I shared it at googleplus. Your blog is so interesting!

  6. Great word choice! On Instagram this morning, I saw a calligrapher's piece--he lettered, "Most people spend their time as though they were going to live forever." That struck home, and your piece just reinforced that message!


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