Saturday, January 21, 2017

"Say It Again" Repetition in Poetry

The prompt over at dVerse insisted that we say something....then say it again and again.
So for today’s prompt I invite you to delve into the technique of repetition and bring it with you to the bar. I look forward to seeing what you come up with and if I’m a bit late—well, hey—it’s our anniversary.

Ah, its very confessional.  Most of my writing is.  Probably feminist as well.  It's about an eating disorder and a girl who learned better.  Thought I should clarify, since I'm so metaphorical and evasive (ha).  Enjoy.


My body was once
a vessel poured full
of someone else's ideas.
For a number of years
it maimed me useless,
a puppet with two hands;
but let no more be thought
of this mistake I made.

I bought love with a
lack of food, false smile,
teeth jagged as some
modern precipice made of
molten glass.   I was
a sea cipher,  calling him
into my arms as if flesh
I wore so thinly was the
only thing deemed worthy
of myself.  I neglected
the kingdom I carried inside.
This was the worst of oversights
but let's allow nothing more
to be remembered of this
grave mistake I made.

For years I was self-elusive
cradled inside a soap bubble,
thinking maybe the sadness
would fade itself in time.
I gave my 'twenties' to a campus
in a small town served of
my ancestors sins, donated the
heart of my body to some silly man,
made of myself a mere commodity.
I took false words of the hateful
and drank them like poison;
dropped the soul of myself into
the void-less notion of
something made in the media.
But in the end I pulled myself
across the edge, flesh tearing
as if razored.  I redeemed my
voice, accusations unswallowable.
I am the Pheonix, rather
metaphorical or romantic:
I threw my past into the fire,
survived head-first for the
mere seeking of some morning.
I am a woman, resurrected,
full-bodied and aware so that
my purpose could be remade
of the mistakes I made.

Let nothing ever be spoken again,
no light fade between the cracks,
nor any enunciation of voice chords
ever be uttered again of any
mistake I ever did make.


Thank you for taking the time to comment, it is so appreciated. Your thoughts and critiques are always welcome! I will be by to visit your blog soon!