Monday, January 9, 2017

Somewhere Inside My Childhood

Ah, childhood.  Such a magical, innocent, safe place.  I surely miss my time spent there.

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90's Girl

Early evening is throwing shadows across the carpet.  Its light has carved a square in the wall.  I pretend it's a door for my dolls.  We crawl across the room together, a traveling band of children-gypsies.

I hear mother in the kitchen; she's stirring a pot for dinner.  The smell of basil and spice tickles my throat.  Carol Brady bounces across the TV screen, domestic goddess of the 70's.  I am safe as safe can be, nestled in a box outside the city.

I am ten years old,
sun glows between the curtains,
storybooks are scattered
among after-school debrees.
Grandmother hums as
she breaks beans at the table.

Written for Haibun Monday at dVerse.


  1. Soothing images,a very homey and comfortable atmosphere. And yet there is a sense of disquiet, of being hemmed in: the word 'box', for instance, or mother in the kitchen, as if nothing much had changed since the 1950s, the echo left by the traveling band of children-gypsies, small hints like that.

  2. I liked the idea of light forming a square in the wall and you seeing that as a door. It adds a further meaning to one of my favorite quotes from Emerson that every wall is a door.

  3. You take me right back to those carefree, safe and innocent years ~ Love the family members doing their regular chores Stacy ~

  4. ordinary you capture the form of a light and all that goes on around you...for some reason tucked in your memory with detail ;)

  5. There is something so nice and comforting of being indoors... when you search adventures instead of the tension when adventures seeks you out.

  6. You've evoked such comfort and warmth with your memories here.....really delightful.

  7. I don't often visit childhood memories, perhaps because they're not so bright as these ~

  8. i can see it, i can smell it, i can hear the snap of the green beans, i feel this. gracias mi amiga !

  9. just want to say hallo!


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