Sunday, January 8, 2017

Story as an SMS (Text Message)

Today my interest was piqued with the prompt over at MindLoveMisery, the idea was to write a story using the idea of a text message as basis.

Write a piece of flash fiction or a story where the narrator is telling the story to someone via text messages

We were also supposed to use this piece of artwork as inspiration:

Art Found HERE.

Here is my attempt.  I'm rather long-winded when I talk via text and online.  Particularly if I'm telling a story, I'll break it up.  So let's just pretend my character in this text/flash shares my same texting etiquette.

Jenny Had a One Night Stand

Sent (2:27) I did it tonight, I really did it.

Sent (2:29) I was just sitting there smoking a cigarette, legs crossed, fiddling with my drink like a regular old bar maid when he approached me.

Sent (2:32) He asked me to dance and I pushed my head toward his face, really close like people do when they can't really hear.  Only, I could hear, I was just trying to flirt.  He was a cute guy.  A nerd.  The sort you'd find dousing their bran of comics at the corner of Barnes and Noble.  His vintage tie was totally hipster, not to mention the glossy seventies look to his plaid pants.

Sent (2:35) He was just my type, and so I insisted.  I said to him, "I was never much for dancing, I sorta just sway.  But I got this cool place right around the corner and my roommate is away...."

Sent (2:37) The rest is really history.  Honestly, I can't remember much after the vodka and juice.  Only the Dear John letter he left.  He said I was the best.  He said he had to get back to his wife this morning, to excuse his lack of manners.

Sent (2:43) Are you there Meg?  Are you listening?  I didn't even get his name!


  1. Did the measure of flirting all right. One night stand is so much fun all without the pain of responsibility (don't even need to know his name!)


  2. Oh, I love how you did the prompt, I also really like the extra detail you gave with the visuals of sent and times and everything. I hope the story heroine starts picking better!


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