Sunday, January 1, 2017

"The Moon Won't Leave Her Alone" (Flash Fiction)

Flash Five: Pot Luck: Choose a photo (yours or someone else’s – give accreditation) and write a piece of flash fiction 75 to 200 words based on the photo.

"leaving it all behind"
original art by Jimmy Lawlor

Every night she assembles her creative space.  She hangs painted replicas of the middle ages like props to the most bizarre photo shoot.  Tiresomely, she drags her own acrylic masterpieces and rearranges them haphazardly across the yellow-plaster walls of her writing room.  Her 'creative think-space' she calls it but really it's nothing more than an over-sized closet nestled into the upstairs corner of her over-priced apartment.

She longs to be an artist, some call her a hobbyist.  She flips her hair and her middle finger because even girls in small towns have dreams!  She never asked for the inclination of words, the brain-carved pieces of scattered pictures.  They homed themselves behind her eyelids long ago.  Now days, she merely obeys.  Mr. Whiskers observes from the corner (a naturalist among shadows), her tipsy cup of tea and the shutters she bangs shut lest the moon jump across the makeshift balcony to wedge his livid, oval expectancy, between her shoulders.

Created for a prompt writing at MindLoveMisery.


  1. Wow! I like this. Romantic and compelling.
    I oft feel this way - though I've no cat, I create in many mediums too.
    Thanks for stopping by both of my pieces (@ WP) for MLMM.
    Happy New Year.

  2. This is a wonderful flash - the image is fascinating the story you've written a wonderful companion piece to it. There are some really lovely and great word choices and phrases here, that really add the depth of feeling in this: "tiresomely dragging" .... "the inclination of words" .... and the cat and moon images - really wonderful and rich reading here.

  3. This is great flash -- the image and the story tell an evocative story about hopes and dreams; how hard we work to keep them whole.


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