Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Word List Wednesday #8

Since I haven't done a Word List Wednesday in a while, let me recap the details.

Every Wednesday I select a list of at least 10 words (sometimes more).  I pull these words from a favorite literary piece that has inspired me. Usually it's another poem.  I always provide the poem author and title unless you want to go read it for yourself.

The idea is to take those 10 words and create a new, unique piece of writing of our own.

I love word lists/wordles because  they allow me to use words I don't often use, and those new words encourage fresh concepts and ideas for my poetry.

I first created this weekly prompt to inspire myself.  However, I am extending the invitation to others who may enjoy writing with my word list.  I invite you to link your work in the comments section if so!

The Word List for this week is selected from the poem A Girl by Michael Field.

Word List:

And here is my contribution to the prompt:

Breath Between the Void

It's 3am and I'm busy
seeking stars for the sake
of being awake.
The window frame contains
a lucent, deep-weave pane,
it contours an image of
light knitting a breathing pace
inside the space between
deep forest-trees and the
steady noise of night mysteries.
Winter will not arrive for
six more weeks and still
the aspen-leaflets barely survive,
a steady trembling against
the muffled clang of coal trucks
and city trains, the anonymous
footfalls of tired teenagers.
Somewhere beyond this city
another tired soul has caught her
leaping eye-view among
reality and creative conception.
Perhaps she, too, is wringing
her hands and drinking coffee,
thinking herself too plain,
wondering how cigarettes taste,
how good the free-fall of
a methamphetamine haze.
Meanwhile I'm a masterpiece
half-writ of caffeine and tears,
my mind boils memories that
reject the pens' conversation.
A breeze blows the window screen,
it tickles the ends of my hair,
wraps my chin in a kiss.
Mesmerized by the invisible bend of
wild air, I fall into its open shadows
and dare breathe deeply.


  1. wow! this is really wonderful. you have a wonderful way with words! xo

    1. thanks so much for stopping by! :) words are second nature to me, i think. they are my outlet. going to check out your blog now.

  2. "half writ of caffeine and tears"! love that! xo


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