Thursday, February 2, 2017

Black Birds

I thought her quite lonely once I put her by the grassy shore.  Anne Sexton seemed quite fitting..

"Moonlight Becomes Her"

“Do you like me?”
No answer.
Silence bounced, fell off his tongue
and sat between us
and clogged my throat.
It slaughtered my trust.
It tore cigarettes out of my mouth.
We exchanged blind words,
and I did not cry,
I did not beg,
but blackness filled my ears,
blackness lunged in my heart,
and something that had been good,
a sort of kindly oxygen,
turned into a gas oven.” 
― Anne Sexton

Created for an art challenge at Three Muses.


  1. I love that castle in the background, Stacy. Your lady is sophisticated and a bit mysterious. Thanks for sharing Sexton's poem too!

  2. She herself could be the blackbird with those wings at her shoulders! Love what you have created here!


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