Monday, February 13, 2017


An Unmentionable

This phantom 
heart string,
invisible vestige,
it spins between
my fingers.
I thrill for
the taste
of touching you.
A love not 
yet in love,
still my secret ties
have come undone.
I inhale as the
ghost of  my 
hearts old breath
beats again.


  1. A love not
    Yet in love

    We do get in touch of that possibility every now and then don't we?

  2. This is gorgeous, so delicately spun that idea of a 'love not / yet in love'. And those final lines are wonderful and full of hope:
    'I inhale as the
    ghost of my
    hearts old breath
    beats again'.

  3. I find these lines interesting: "A love not
    yet in love,
    still my secret ties
    have come undone."

  4. Your word master continues to amaze me. BeautifuL!

  5. New love... sweet. I remember falling in love again after my husband died. I didn't think it could happen again.

  6. So mystical and ethereal ~ I admire the closing lines too ~

  7. I like the delicate tentativeness of this...the phantom heart string...unmentionable...


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