Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Retro Writes (Tuesday) #6

The Rules:

Welcome to my new writing challenge!

Every Tuesday I will post some lovely retro-era eye candy as inspiration (think 50's-80's decades).  I will be posting photographs and advertisement ephemera that, perhaps, is quite different from modern day photography in hopes that it may inspire us to come up with parallels and concepts we might not otherwise make with modern art/photography.

Simply write a piece of poetry, fiction, flash fiction, or even create your own art-work.  Anything goes so long as you create/write something original!

Leave a link to your post so I (along with others) can visit and comment.  Please also link back to this page in your original post so others can find it.  

Most of all, have fun creating!

And now, for the prompt.

Retro Writes (Tuesday) #6

Look at the advertisement photo for a few moments and allow yourself to be inspired.

Here is my contribution:

New Body, Old Soul

Vodka and chocolate
mixes well with everything
except garter lace
and lazy inhibitions.
I cannot speak 
of anatomy,
yet my fingers
long to dance
across his skin,
a carnival of touch,
a secret sort of sin.
I swallow the lie,
I scar my soul,
visions burn
behind my eyes,
as the most risque
sort of housewife,
I still warrant them.
I yearn to
betray myself
for the sake
of sensuality,
for the sip
I long still
to take from the
champagne glass
of some other life.


  1. Gorgeous picture. I'm not going to read your poem yet, just in case an idea pops into my head. I'll come back though.

  2. Oh, shoot. I couldn't wait! And damn, girl; that was HOT!

    You do have an unnecessary period after "eyes," just before the comma.

    The first six lines are incredible.

    1. thank you so much!
      i always miss those mistakes. lol. thanks for helping a girl out.
      can't wait to see what you come up with!


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