Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Retro Writes (Tuesday) #8

The Rules:

Welcome to my new writing challenge!

Every Tuesday I will post some lovely retro-era eye candy as inspiration (think 50's-80's decades).  I will be posting photographs and advertisement ephemera that, perhaps, is quite different from modern day photography in hopes that it may inspire us to come up with parallels and concepts we might not otherwise make with modern art/photography.

Simply write a piece of poetry, fiction, flash fiction, or even create your own art-work.  Anything goes so long as you create/write something original!

Leave a link to your post so I (along with others) can visit and comment.  Please also link back to this page in your original post so others can find it.  

Most of all, have fun creating!

And now, for the prompt.

Retro Writes (Tuesday) #8

Look at the advertisement photo for a few moments and allow yourself to be inspired.

Here is my contribution:

Inferior To Time

Long ago when I was raw
and tender, and did not
know the difference

the sky sat before me,
and the wooded edge
rattled behind.

I lay belly-down between the
edge of evening, dream-hungry
and full of the imaginary,

then i was gone.  A cough
caught between breathing and speaking.
I named the day across the margin
of my paper and then moved on.

I sat wrapped in a fabric between
braided chains of cotton and fleece,
an overcast sort of Thursday.

Clouds played pictures inside my eyes
while a young man read at my side,
our elbows barely touching.

The smell of October seed
was enveloping, a tang of pine,
calm of cedar and familiar skin,

but I was busy reaching behind,
hand grazing grass for a memory
that passed me while I slept

and soon there was no one
on the grass but myself,
one shade eclipsing the next.

Try being a shadow in some
faded photograph, it's an empty
place between the edges
where the ink runs cross-ways and
the paper curls against time
like an old shoulder turned against you,
and every color is a variation on gray.

But for the sake of things that
stay the same, I will say she
was writing in the woods
and her eyes were wide open.

She was warm and strong
but the shadows between
the trees stole her light.

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  1. Your talent with words continues to impress me! I love the dreaminess of this one.


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