Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Shot-Glass Poetry

We were inspired over at dVerse Poetry this week to write a short poem of 33 words (or less) whilst using bar and drinking-related terms.  I'm so thankful for the creative bunch there, I've hit a dry spot with writers block and this quirky little prompt was just what I needed!

 Ah, but here’s the kicker: try to use these words in ways that have nothing to do with the bar scene, alcohol, or drinking. Use as many as you like; pour your poem as tall, short or neat as you like, and come back for another round.
And if none of these words or phrases speak to you, go prohibition on us: write anything you want. Just make it short enough to fit on a cocktail napkin. (Keep it at 33 words or less.)
photo by De Jackson

Here is my contribution:   
Three Sheets to the Wind

They always say
'name your poison.'
I'll have twisted-whiskey
coffee on the rocks.
But I won't lie,
words are my elixir;
all served up in a tumbler-
full of 'turn the page.'

....and one more...

Poetic Elixir

His breath is a vesper
and I'm about to
tie one on in
this Kamikaze  cab.
I'm tipsy on
conversation, tongue-
stirred and word shaken,
straight-up tired
as the twisted
Sandy River, running home.


  1. These are outstanding, Stacy. I'm so glad the prompt gave you a shot of inspiration. :) I LOVE:
    "words are my elixir;
    all served up in a tumbler-
    full of 'turn the page.'

  2. I really like the second part: Poetic elixir. It says everything that is said in "words are my elixir"in a more poetic way.

  3. I really like the second poem as well. Good job. :)

  4. These are both terrific, but the first one has some great lines.."words are my elixir" I think sometimes we need a drink from the tumbler of words.

  5. Words are truly your elixir! I love the thought of drinking from a tumbler of words as well. Applause from my corner!

  6. Love them both!! You rock Stacy ❤️

  7. I liked the idea of being tired as a twisted river which I assume is not moving fast or straight.

  8. Great poems. I love the last line: tired as the twisted Sandy River running home.'


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