Monday, February 20, 2017

The Best Things are Free (A Haibun)

I had the pleasure of taking a long car ride, yesterday, through the wooded back roads.  We deemed it a shortcut but, really, it was colorful eye-candy.  What I thought about most, though, were all those old-fashioned, abandoned farm houses and antebellums.  As I whisked by each one, I could almost feel their busy ghosts of some other lifetime calling out to not be forgotten.  I thought about all the families, the lives, the births, the deaths, the important memories long-ago lived and probably now forgotten.  It struck a chord in me to write and this prompt gave my words ignition.

Country Mile

This back road spins like a sundial set to fast-forward.  I am driving west, way beyond the peripheral of my memories' hope chest.  The last of an evening sun cuts a line between the prairie, a diagonal orange alongside shadow as if one ray, alone, could not survive inside such solitude.  Dilapidated farmhouses, abandoned of some earlier, busier year, dissect the wilderness.  They sway against the backdrop of hollow meadows and winter wood, hidden eye-emblems only meant to be seen by the random traveling gypsy.

Today that girl is me and I dip into the ancient scribe-scenery of old poets who came before me.  An abstract stillness lays between the hills of my windshield-horizon.  A brown blur eased across the rounded shade of green, as if mother nature got a bit too giddy with her brushstrokes.  Or, perhaps, the early evening shadow skewed her iris.

Each eye is a scab
marred by dark indecision.
Today I shed old skin.

Written for the Monday Haibun at dVerse.


  1. This is amazing! What a beautiful ride

  2. I like taking detours off the main highway given enough time. Interesting idea about the eye being a "scab" and needing to "shed old skin".

  3. This is a ride I would love to take.. but even more on a bicycle just to be even closer.. ps I corrected the link in Mr Linky.

    1. thank you so much. i linked up to a bunch of sites today. i guess i got mixed up on the last one. :)

  4. I do like the simile of the 'sundial set to fast-forward' and the metaphor of the 'memories' hope chest', Stacy. I've only ever seen pictures of the prairie and probably will never see it in real lie, but I now have a wonderful image of light on the prairie. Are there lots of abandoned farmhouses?

    I love the final section of the prose and the unusual stark imagery in the haiku!

  5. What a wonderful ride with so many stories to be uncovered. I love how you 'dip into the ancient scribe-scenery of old poets' ☺

  6. I'm a sucker for old barns, so I love the photo. Isn't it sad that the tidy little farms of yesteryear are becoming things of the past. A drive through the rural central part of Illinois where I grew up is very like this, and it makes me sad each time I return home. Your haibun is wonderful!

  7. This is a wonderful haibun. You took me along on your ride...and that is what good poetry does. Brava.

  8. Those old barns and ghosts - as they say, If these walls could talk. Thanks for sparking a few memories of my own road-trips through the countryside.

  9. What a gentle piece. Gracefully penned.

  10. I love the ride to the countryside and see those abandoned farmhouses ~ My favorite part is the end of your prose and your haiku ~ Gorgeous share ~


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