Saturday, February 11, 2017


"The Romantic Age"
This one is entering her teens,
Ripe for sentimental scenes,
Has picked a gangling unripe male,
Sees herself in a bridal veil,
Presses lips and tosses head,
Declares she's not too young to wed,
Informs you pertly to forget
Romeo and Juliet.
Do not argue, do not shout;
Remind her how that one turned out.
-Ogden Nash-

Created for an art challenge at Take a Word.


  1. I was that girl too. :)

    I'm insane over this artwork. It is gorgeous!!! And so perfectly conveys the state of a young girl's heart and mind.

    I love that she looks like a vixen/ ready-for-anything-sex-goddess, but everything else about this is childlike. I see The Lorax. I see Little Mermaid. But that bent spine/already slouching back speaks the loudest, to me.

  2. A fantastic page, I hope she finds her true love.

  3. Where is Valentine?? Beautiful!
    Happy Valtnines's xx

  4. this is absolutely marvelous! swoon! xo

  5. An amazing piece of valentine art. I love it.


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