Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Word List Wednesday #10

EVERY OTHER Wednesday (twice per month) I select a list of at least 10 words (sometimes more).  I pull these words from a favorite literary piece that has inspired me. Usually it's another poem.  I always provide the poem author and title unless you want to go read it for yourself.

The idea is to take those 10 words and create a new, unique piece of writing of our own.

I love word lists/wordles because  they allow me to use words I don't often use, and those new words encourage fresh concepts and ideas for my poetry.

I first created this weekly prompt to inspire myself.  However, I am extending the invitation to others who may enjoy writing with my word list.  I invite you to link your work in the comments section if so!

The Word List for this week is selected from the biography Blue Hightways:  A Journey Into America by William Least Heat Moon.

Word List (today I chose phrases instead of single words):
pink thistle
cane fields
salt dome
Black Oyster Bar
three persons in one
cinder and salt deposits
satchel of notebooks
business districts

Here is my contribution:

Down South

They were only
steadily-traveling south.
He, self-propelled by
the stiff responsibility
of working-man gloves;
and she, a long-haired
wild child with a
satchel-full of notebooks.
Together, they dwelled
inside a new identity,
 a three-persons-in-one
kind of gravity.
They met at the
Black Oyster Bar,
spoke in circles across
a table-full of fish and spice,
salt-domed hills
highlighting the skyline
out the window like
the backdrop of some
romantic Hollywood movie.
Perplexed by her soft manner
and colorful attire,
he accompanied her into
the after-hours of a
business district where
she drank cheap
convenient-store coffee
in front of local-art
gallery windows,
unaware the magnetic stares
of passerbyers,  and
purchased a sack-full
of vintage pulp novels
from a dime-box bookstore,
an excited sigh at such a bargain.
By the light of
an equinox moon, he walked
her home to a by-the-highway
boarding house made of
mere cinder and salt deposit
in some back-city of Louisiana.
He, a honky-tonk heartbreaker
who worked the cane fields
and drove into a foreign town
on the whim of a craving;
and she, a painting poet who'd
escaped the pink thistle
of her country-road heirs
so she could live a the dream
of intellectual nightlife
in a strange, new city.
They never knew how close
the lottery-toss of fate
was ghost-dancing love
between the handclasp
of their fallen fingers.


  1. Ah, they were a pair meant to be! You create your imaginary worlds to perfection. (I can't believe you chose Blue Highways, one of my favorite reads for your word search!)

    1. aw thank you so very much, bev. i found that book at a library sale this summer...can't imagine why they'd remove it from their collection. it's one of my favorites. i have highlighted so many passages throughout that book.

  2. That is an excellent word list.

    Damn, Stacy. IT is insane how good this poem is. I started highlighting faves, but it's all of it. The story. The relationship. The characters, together and separate. It's just all so phenomenal. You have a gift, girl.

    1. oh my, your compliments have just made my night! many gracious thanks for your kind words. :)

  3. What a lovely contrast of characters between two strangers in a new city ~ I really like that painting poet ~

  4. Sometimes opposites attract comes close to being. I especially love the way she found excitement in those bargain books.

  5. I liked the phrases near the end saying "fate
    was ghost-dancing love". The ghost-dancing part puzzles me, but it sounded right.

  6. Love it all...stunning...but this...oooooh this...tingles me.
    'They never knew how close
    the lottery-toss of fate
    was ghost-dancing love
    between the handclasp
    of their fallen fingers'

  7. Gorgeous. You have created not only characters but a whole world for them.

  8. Wonderful line of discovery in fine words in your take, Stacy!

    Hank is here:



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