Friday, March 3, 2017

A Poetic Postcard

"The Midnight Scribe"

And here is the gorgeous poem for which my poetry quote came:

Slight of Hand
by Janey Kenny

the postman brings it
the little journal
shrink wrapped with poetry
sparse and tasteful
mots justes to burn
in a manner of speaking
each word paid for
with hard net-working

thin little poems
elegant plastic
and pale in meaning

in the back pages
the words that matter

who the poets are
but never abortions
crimes or betrayals

poems forgotten
but names remembered
follow this taxi
to be dismembered

Created for an art challenge at Sunday Postcard Art.


  1. Very provocative and interesting words beautifully illustrated.

  2. Fabulous postcard and poetry, however I have to say that I miss your beautiful heartfelt poems I always love your poetry you are very talented.

    1. Aw thank you, Deann! Poetry is my first love. I try to post poetry on tuesday and wednesday. Sometimes my muse fails me but then I just turn to my digital elements. :) Your words are so appreciated.

  3. fab poetry and great card. love the way the quote looks like it's been cut out of a mag

  4. Amazing poetry!!! And great card!!!


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