Friday, March 24, 2017

Free Graphics Friday #3: Vintage Room Scenes/ Backgrounds

On FRIDAY's (when my schedule/time permits)  I will be offering up new stock elements and collage sheets I create.

I use these elements in my personal art and wanted to offer them to other friendly artists and blogger friends via the internet.

Please read, and abide by, my rules!!


1.  DO NOT include any of my elements in kits or sheets for purchase.  I don't make money from them, nor should anyone else.  DO NOT make anything for sale.  The elements are free, and for personal use only.

2.  PLEASE if you download a nice comment, a word of encouragement means the world to me.  Say thanks, or let me know what you think.

3.  If you make something, please leave me a link or photo in the comment section.  I LOVE to  see what all the great, talented artists do with my images (this is OPTIONAL but it would make my day to see what you make!)

4.  Please if you use the elements, link up my Flickr account or my blog (this is OPTIONAL but it would be great if you could share my link so others can find the goodies).

5.  Aside from selling it...go crazy, do whatever you want and create whatever you want.  Yes you may also create backgrounds with my backgrounds, just let me know so I can download them as well.

This week I have some lovely vintage room scenes.  They have been polished, sharpened and edited with photoshop.  Enjoy!

Download the full sized PNG image for free HERE.

Check back EVERY FRIDAY for more new sheets and stock....And have fun creating! 

Everything I make/create comes from old images.  Vintage images.  Retro images.  Rather from a magazine or a photo or an image search for 'vintage' things.  I do not EVER claim to own any of the images, backgrounds, pieces of advertisement or found images/elements.  Nor do I derive any monetary gain as they are free for use.  All of them have been digitally mastered or altered in one way or another. I make them only for personal use for your art hobby.  No selling or products for sale (made with them) is allowed!  I go to great pains to assure that my images are free to the public, however if you feel that by some error I have used a photo or element that is questionable please do email me personally and I will see that it is removed:  prettypoetstacy AT

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