Friday, March 31, 2017

NaPoWriMo: An Early Bird Prompt!

Today's NaPoWriMo Prompt:

here’s a special early-bird prompt: the haibun!
The haibun is a combination of prose poem and haiku. It was originally developed as a sort of travelogue or character sketch , in which the writer would first describe a place in prose, and then pen a haiku appropriate to the place or scene.

Saturday Night at the Diner
Among streetlights and strange faces, curbside prophets and horoscope redemptions, it's hard to decipher even gender.  Bored, we all stumble between smoky cigars and the alcohol-induced mania in the euphoric feel before the final Saturday-night let-down:  a headache and two handshakes of the aspirin bottle.
The weekend nights were meant for random randevous, but I'm meticulate, always pretending to 'pick my own adventure.'  The cafe is closed and the bar-scene is a boring fix so I distract myself with my purse, scatter the contents and await a surprise.  I find it:  a telephone number written half-heartedly inside the weathered flap of a matchbox by a hand whose face I cannot recall.
I amuse myself with the rainy scene outside the window, rendered  dreamy by the shine of headlights against a slow, steady drizzle.  A variety of slick-metal cars pass the street, each one selecting from right and left-hand turns; never aware the lottery of a simple wheel-turn.  And they travel too quickly, each one, and too far beyond my voice-call to heed such warning.
I'm feeling restless
girl drinking coffee
at a table made
of reflection.

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