Monday, March 6, 2017

Visual Poetry Monday #1

So my goal is to create and post at least 1 piece of visual poetry per week (every Monday).  This may vary from magnetic poetry to some form of art or collage coupled with words.  Depends really on what inspires me and whatever materials I have time to assemble.

This just helps me get outside the box and encourages me to play with words in a different way.  Plus I really enjoy using images when, and where, I can.  Especially if it's spontaneous.

My visual poetry piece for this week was created using acrylic paper, scrapbook backgrounds and elements, magazine clippings and gems:

This piece is reflective of my desire to break free from societal norms and expectations.  It represents the notion to get away from superficial labels and ideas and to go beyond that type of limited thinking.  A push toward breaking the mold of 'normalcy' I suppose.

It is also symbolic of my personal need to look inward for replenishment, rather than outward.  For when we look into the deepest wells of ourselves and our own souls for creative inspiration is when I feel we are most original in our work.

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