Monday, May 1, 2017

NaPoWriMo Day #19

The prompt at NaPoWriMo today is:

Today, I’d like to challenge you to write a poem that recounts a creation myth. It doesn’t have to be an existing creation myth, or even recount how all of creation came to be.

An Account of Creation

The whole idea is sub-par.  Lacking in scientific detail as much as a proper metal dialogue, minus language.  You simply cannot claim that, in anger, you painted the sky red in three days yet fail to deliver the simple equation of paint-pails divided by the time each brush-stroke stole.  I refuse to believe that human-kind was just rolled out like a baker flour-dusting before his cookie-cutting.  I also refute the idea that particle dust was of no essence.  Only those innocent, most feeble and sheeply-minded could defy the fact that the universe spun star-matter and moon dust in the cauldron of its empty guts for eons, until some magnificent combustion came to fruition.  A general mutation that mutated for a billion years into the cells of myself, the pigment of my hair.  Yes...everything alive is a positively-charged collection of atoms.  We are but the reincarnation of dead-star.

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