Friday, May 5, 2017

NaPoWriMo Day #28

Couldn't really think of anything to use for the prompt at the official NaPoWriMo today so I just did a free association/free verse.

Might As Well Swim

I never asked to love you.
In defense of you,
you also never asked me to.
You blew into the door of
my life like an old memory,
an Indian gift best left unopened
but I couldn't resist the sharp
crave of my fingers for your skin;
I held them in my pockets for months
to avoid my fear of opening
something I innately understood
I'd never be able to will myself to shut again.
Like a twisted-vanilla Pandora's
box of erotica, you weaved your face
into the chain-braid of my daydreams
and for some time I vowed
I'd leave you there, a shelf in the corner
where dust could mar the half-meaning.
I promised myself never to love
anyone again with the excess of such desire,
cup-full of kisses overflowing, and
the simple part of your lips against
words, the only aphrodisiac I needed.
I sit, pardoning with the pieces of myself,
awaiting this river I know will wash
me away whether I wish to jump,
or greedily take that first swim,
though I'm sure it doesn't matter anymore
'when' if I'm already wading into the fire.

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