Sunday, June 11, 2017


"She Dances"

"Stopping For A Drink at Mellow Brook"
Gypsy:  one who wonders.  A lone traveler.  She is the brave-spirit of dirt road, the seedling shine of some rare as yet unnamed country flower.  A troubadour for lonely stretches of highway where the sun dips into her smile and the moon shades her eyes.  She carries her heart, a tie between old guitar strings, lively and colorful as an aurora kind of night.

Created for a digital art challenge at Digital Whisper.


  1. You have captured the Gypsy spirit beautifully here!

  2. Beautiful I love the gypsy wagons...well done

  3. Beautiful gypsy art ... and wonderful words to accompany it, Stacy. BRAVO!

  4. Both of these are exceptional. I am so happy you participated in this challenge. I love to see your work.


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