Saturday, June 3, 2017

I'm Baaaaack!

If you've visited in the last month you probably noticed my blog was made private.  I just really wanted a Spring break, I suppose.

I think a lot of times something fun (like a blog) begins to feel like a responsibility after a while.  And sometimes, when you are aware you have an audience of sorts, your work becomes more about serving the audience than being true to one's creative which case the authenticity of what I write and create begins to suffer.  This epiphany forced me to rethink my purpose for continuing this blog.

Mostly, I blog because I enjoy creating (rather through writing or digital art), and sometimes I enjoy sharing my creative outlet with others. we are again.

I have promised myself to partake only in prompts that inspire me (hence, do NOT feel like a chore).  And to post whichever poems/art pieces I write and am totally comfortable with sharing.

Also, I have resigned from the idea that followers, comments, hits per day define my success as a blogger.  Maybe they do for some people but such calculations really have just stolen the joy of blogging for me.

So visit and comment if you like.  If you don't, you don't.  I'll still be around.

I also recently resigned as masthead from Pink.Girl.Ink.  (an online women's zine I founded a few years ago).  I gave the responsibility completely to my partner, Miranda.  Although I may still write articles for it from time to time.  Again, too much responsibility has simply taken away whatever joy I found in working on that zine.

Some updates to consider though:  I will no longer be doing my weekly writing prompts.   They simply feel more like writing assignments than fun.  And, well, hopefully my nine year college career is over now so I'd like to feel free of writing assignments for a while.

So, I'll be seeing you creative, wondering souls when I see ya.  Hopefully I will have some new art to post really soon.

Much love, and Namaste!


  1. i wish you much joy and creativity in your new approach, Stacy!

  2. hey bev! i have missed the art sites. can't wait to get started back with photoshop. it's really my primary stress reliever. also just really love looking at everyone's art. :)

  3. I doubt you would remember this wayward wandering soul (just another in your many ventures on your thread of life). We crossed paths perhaps a couple of times back in 2009 on and for some reason this morning something completely random spurred me on to read this note and then see if I could find you... and I did... and as I read this I worry in overly selfaware fashion that I sound creepy or stalkerish or anything other than sane... and I'm probably not sane, but I pray I appear as I am -- benign. I just wanted to see how you were doing... I get random urges to say hello to people, for whatever makes me tick. So: Hello. I hope this finds you well. And if you, for what ever crazy notion would like to talk to me -- feel free to find me via email:

    And if you choose to ignore, delete or report or anything this message other than talking to me... know that I will never bother or trouble you again.

    Best wishes.

    deathforgets. aka canis lupus aeternus


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