Sunday, June 11, 2017


"French Quarter Fireflies"

She spent her days reading tarot cards on the slick-backed benches of birch picnic tables near a cafe, common for the gathering of gypsy souls and the left-footed dancers who'd lost their way.  By night she'd gather words into a notebook atop her lap as the fireflies hummed beneath the ancient globes of streetlights.  Nothing's ever been as beautiful since that smoky city beneath cloud-break and moonlight.

Created for a postcard challenge at Sunday Postcard Art.


  1. Stunning images; captivating words.

  2. oh so beautiful Stacy! fab work. lovely to see you here this week.

  3. This is gorgeous...beautiful work.

  4. You took us to the French Quarter and captivated us with your words, Stacy. Standing ovation from my corner of the world!

  5. I could lead a life like hers....


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