Monday, June 26, 2017

Visual Poetry Monday #2

Just some magnetic poetry I created today.

Dancing Naked

night rhythm is
the blue blush of grass,
cloud broken by the
velvet wake of wildflower;
steamy star-glass kisses
and the caramel champagne melt
in a smoky cup of coffee.

Eat Teaching (For the 'Eating Disorder' Inclined)

I was color-deep
in bone chord,
hurt misdirected. 

Remember, you can create your own magnetic poetry straight from your laptop or tablet at Magnet Poetry Online and Word Mover.


  1. I really love the first magnetic poetry... the wonderful alliteration made me smile.

  2. I agree with Bjorn. This inspires me to try some magnetic poetry, Stacy!

  3. I like "smoky" used to describe a cup of coffee.

  4. So well done. It can be such a challenge working with those words and then the briefer poems you extracted from them.

  5. Magnetic poetry can certainly end up with brilliant results!


  6. I have to play with this process sometimes ~ Specially love your first outcome ~ Happy summer ~


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