Thursday, June 29, 2017

War & Peace

The midweek prompt at Poets United this week was:  War & Peace.

The real experts on war are the casualties. 

War on TV

People across the TV
talk about war,
of nuclear attack
and atoms made
of chemicals whose
names I can't pronounce.

Well-dressed men and women
in clean-starched shirts,
clear-white smiles and
faces gleaming for the screen,
want to speak of the
starving children of Syria,
the many woes of Donald Chump;
As if enunciating the places
where these people die
will make any difference in
the lives that are left.

Go ahead, Mr. TV Anchorman
and get the sleeves of your
shirt as dirty as the dead men
and their children who are left
to wipe the blood of their forefathers
from the slabs of cracked concrete on
the street which serves as morgue,
all the while you worry about
the perfect brand of toothpaste
and the new creases that sitting
has left in your black dress pants.


  1. So many true words reflecting on self-centered politicions and T.V presenters. Whom, it would seem just give lip service to those in crises...... I enjoyed you well penned poem......from the slabs of cracked concrete on
    the street which serves as morgue,.......chillingly descriptive.

  2. "The real experts on war are the casualities" true....also the men who come back with PTSD, whose lives will never be the same after the horrors they have seen. Your poem is right on target - the talking heads, who have no idea of the realities they are referring to. I just read a book that left some images in my head I could never have much worse to be there, to see it. To live it.

  3. Stacy you are absolutely right. Living is becoming unbearable in such gross, humongous hypocrisy. Love your sharp, pointed words.

  4. A powerful reflection on our times

  5. Very powerful writing and so sad that the world is so detached, cold and calculated and so many have to suffer.

  6. Don't think any of us can grasp the devastation of war from the news. Still, we can empathise and imagine and hope for peace.

  7. Such raw and powerful words, Stacy. Well written!

  8. The emotion in this poem is so sharp and raw! Powerfully written.


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