Saturday, July 22, 2017

I Won't Lie, It's Semi-Autobiographical...

Into the Forest of Myself 

I have painfully learned
the principles of exclusion.
By morn I entertain
an empty room, speak
to the soul inside myself:
'come, let's drink some tea
and fold a prayer
between the lotus pose.'

I am other-worldly, that
small dark house behind the hill
that none dare enter
for the fear of yellow light.
It's only the antique lamp I read by,
and all those gents weaved between
the pages of yesterdays New York Times;
they sell to me their lusty prose
and, for a while, I don an evening dress,
love fervently with my body,
each pale, glowing limb
a beacon for some distant sailor.

And, come night, I dine
with the ghosts of my former self.
Like little historians
dressed in pink-on-black,
each one has her own story.


  1. Oh my, your muse has been busy with wonderful result. I love the haikus, each and every one, and the "Forest of Myself" is exquisitely written and filled with wonderful evocative phrases. BRAVO, my poet friend!

    1. aww thank you bev! i am behind on visiting everyone's work. can't wait to see what you've been up to! :)


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