Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Some Circles...

"Dangerous To Me"

They always tell me not to walk the streets at night.  But at the dark-witch hour when the mimes retire and old dogs prowl alone, I feel most at home.  I scurry my shadow between streetlights, ignoring the calls of their flashing lamps like a twisted-pedestrian criminal.  I speak to the sidewalk ghosts who sing to me their songs of sleep;  lift my fingers like a dancer-on-air and allow the heat of the city to seep between my toes before shifting my one-woman sideshow into the corner all-night diner for some charming cappuccino elixir.

Created for a digital art challenge at The Three Muses.


  1. Your art always tells a story and is so full of great imagery!

  2. Art that takes us there, and words that elaborate. What more can we ask?

  3. You've found many circle things in your magical background. Nice story, too.

  4. Gorgeous imagery both in your collage and your word. Bravo.

  5. Black circles like black holes. Your image is mysterious and beautiful!

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