Wednesday, October 18, 2017

First Line Writing

First Line Writing

MindLoveMisery gave me the 'first line' and I wrote the rest!

Here is the line:  The Autumn chill descended over the town and with it came rot and ruin.

The Grave-Keeper

The old man readjusted his tobacco pipe and situated the old woolen cap that adorned his balding head.  Gray whiskers garnished the weathered skin of his chin, the remnants of a lavish beard outgrown by old age.  Despite his warm coat and leather boots, he convulsed in shivers.

He could hear them calling to him, friends he once knew.  He surveyed the vast graveyard, old eyes roaming the green-gray checkerboard of earth.  This vast sea of the dead seemed as old as time, the names and dates on some tombstones made undecipherable by years upon years of weathering.

Still, he knew them all by name, especially the ones whose breath had been snuffed by the plague.  He could hear them calling, their voices grew stronger by the wane of the moon, as the dead sleep only during the day.  The old man scraped his cane toward the vaulted tomb, keys in hand, unafraid of the invisible ghouls and ghostly hounds who'd rejected heaven and abandoned hell.

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