Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Thursday Word List #1

Over at Pink.Girl.Ink., they have provided me with a 'wordlist' to integrate into a piece of writing.

Theme on Romance

I dot the heart
like crooked-letter i's.
I am the always-whispering
in sun-lit pictures of
picnic-lovers, baskets dripping
of red and white wines on
ocean dunes and prairie-sides.
I am the red-heart astral-projection
of new-loves self reflection.
I speak prose that winds
it's symbolic roses between
the backroads of the mind,
marking the limbs immobile.
I am the innate emotion,
the spirit-speaking of singularity.
I run my white shadow
between each vein, casting whim
like a viaduct in the
slipstream of times tale.
I am tricky, I come with bells
and roses that always wilt.

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