Friday, December 29, 2017

Three Line Tales, Week 100

three line tales, week 100: a ferris wheel in Paris with soldiers patrolling

A New Year is Dawning

Friday swam past the clock too slowly, drawing the work-week to a close.  The girl in the cafe window pulled the blinds before stepping into the familiar concrete jungle.  Already an early winter dark was dawning, a premature twilight glow drawing the sky together like silky, see-through curtains.

She skirted against the crowd toward the edge of town where the city was tweaking the sidewalk for another New Years celebration.  A ferris wheel danced center-stage, its bright lights searing the early-dark like an omen.  Jane closed her eyes against bitter memories as she walked into its twinkling-metal glow.


  1. You set the scene nicely. New Year and Jane is overcoming her demons. I hope there aren't more to be met.

  2. You have such a magic way with words!


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