Friday, March 31, 2017

NaPoWriMo: An Early Bird Prompt!

Today's NaPoWriMo Prompt:

here’s a special early-bird prompt: the haibun!
The haibun is a combination of prose poem and haiku. It was originally developed as a sort of travelogue or character sketch , in which the writer would first describe a place in prose, and then pen a haiku appropriate to the place or scene.

Saturday Night at the Diner
Among streetlights and strange faces, curbside prophets and horoscope redemptions, it's hard to decipher even gender.  Bored, we all stumble between smoky cigars and the alcohol-induced mania in the euphoric feel before the final Saturday-night let-down:  a headache and two handshakes of the aspirin bottle.
The weekend nights were meant for random randevous, but I'm meticulate, always pretending to 'pick my own adventure.'  The cafe is closed and the bar-scene is a boring fix so I distract myself with my purse, scatter the contents and await a surprise.  I find it:  a telephone number written half-heartedly inside the weathered flap of a matchbox by a hand whose face I cannot recall.
I amuse myself with the rainy scene outside the window, rendered  dreamy by the shine of headlights against a slow, steady drizzle.  A variety of slick-metal cars pass the street, each one selecting from right and left-hand turns; never aware the lottery of a simple wheel-turn.  And they travel too quickly, each one, and too far beyond my voice-call to heed such warning.
I'm feeling restless
girl drinking coffee
at a table made
of reflection.

NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month) 2017

April will arrive tomorrow, and bring with it another yearly installment of National Poetry Writing Month.

For the last three years I have participated on the Official NaPoWriMo blog because thousands of bloggers post with their participant sites everyday and it's just a lot of fun to know you're writing with a 'collective whole' of sorts.

However, I always have a list of back-up prompts because no matter how well-written a prompt is, sometimes the subject matter just doesn't inspire me.  That's why I also compile a list of '30 poetry Prompts for 30 Days' over at my publication blog Pink.Girl.Ink.   You will actually find a plethora of prompts for writing and other interesting articles on creative exploration at Pink.Girl.Ink. so hop on over tomorrow and check out my alternative NaPoWriMo prompts!

I also just wanted to clarify that I may not have time to do my usual weekly writing and art prompts from other blogs.  So if you don't se me participating any this month, it's because I'm busy with NaPoWriMo.  After all, it only comes once a year.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

It's Spring!

"Spring Chicks"

I adore Spring colors.  Looks as if she's found a nice place to nest among the wildflower.

Created for an art challenge at The Three Muses.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Animal People!

"Grandma's Kitchen"

Looks like granny cat has things taken care of...even fed the pet mouse.  Ha.

Created for Sunday Postcard Challenge.

Dressing Room Art!

"After the Rehearsal"

Maybe she's a dancer...or an actress in Broadway plays.  Perhaps shes a talk show host...but then what about that dress?  All I know is, I want that couch and those curtains!

Created for a digital art challenge at Digital Whisper.

Thursday, March 23, 2017


The Reflection is a Lie

I know this because I
have swam its murky depths,
camoflauged as something cerulean.
And it contains a river
that runs North,
calm as an old stone,
clear as the sky,
but what rages beneath
that crystal exterior is unknown.
It is the great deceptor,
mimicking an illusion
more grandeur than fantasy,
more perplexing than mystery,
for what sight could be
more keen than the naked eyeball,
flesh against fair flesh?
You cast a gaze into
the center-stroke of its surface,
silver as a traveling star,
slick as polish across metal,
and ask of yourself,
which one of us sees best?

written for a poetry prompt at Poets United.

"Noteworthy Links" Thursday

My serving of useful, interesting sites this week are:

1.  One Word

"Simple. You’ll see one word at the top of the following screen.
You have sixty seconds to write about it."
I adore this website.  It comes with a wall (sort of like a facebook wall) where it saves all your posts and daily contributions.  You can also join groups, make friends, and a whole host of other interesting things.

I use it to write a small prose poem each day.  How will you use it?

2.  Wattpad

"Wattpad is an online storytelling community where users post written works such as articles, stories, fan fiction, and poems, either through the website or the mobile app."  - Wikipedia

This website is a treasure trove for books written by indie authors!  And trust me, there's some really good literature throughout this site.  Features include reading lists, your own library/bookshelf as well as an area where you can keep track of your own work.  

It's very reader/user friendly.  You can comment, you have an inbox for messages, there are forums and contests and it's just a lot of fun overall. 

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


"Celia And Her Cat"

I'd be willing to gander he's probably her biggest fan!  I suppose she's on holiday.  Ah, the life of a dancer.

Created for an art challenge at The Three Muse.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Yum!!! A Haibun

A Panoramic View of the City

Even in midwinter, California is pretty.  I remember China Town:  a snapshot behind my eyes, a city whose mouth I stuffed my dreams inside.  The huge, red-lit lanterns that swung across rope between a concrete walkway, weightless moons that coughed a yellow candle glow.

I recall the memory of my moving feet, swimming the fresh sidewalk of Fisherman's Wharf. On ten toes, I spun my snails' track across city corners and into the shiny, florescent glow of bakery windows and old-fashioned eateries.  The lights of their many windows shone like beacons for the tourist-weary.

Then the quick rush into a carpeted foyer;  the pedestrian-trample past a second-floor landing into a room sparkling of linen and mahogany.  I relished the meticulously-poured tea from authentic china cups that I imagine were once imported in wooden crates for many ocean-miles.  The specially-seasoned soy-fried Lo Mein that teased my tongue of a distinct flavor I could not remember.  Then the fresh smell of roasted duck that my vegetarian hands dared not touch.  But the taste of atmosphere was enough. San Francisco, a glowing ember out the window, the city lights a mirror of the starlit sky.  And the fresh dessert dishes with delicate miniature spoons meant for dainty slight-of-hand dipping.

Window-seat swimming sky,
the sweet tang of green tea ice cream,
and oriental scent.

*I usually do my haikus as 6 / 8/ 6.  This is a technique I learned from a book by Natalie Goldberg.  She titled it 'An American Haiku,' given the idea that American words contain more syllables than Japanese words.  Thus, I suppose she felt we were allowed one extra syllable per line.

Written for a prompt at dVerse Poets.

Retro Writes (Tuesday) #10

The Rules:

Welcome to my new writing challenge!

Every other Tuesday I will post some lovely retro-era eye candy as inspiration (think 50's-80's decades).  I will be posting photographs and advertisement ephemera that, perhaps, is quite different from modern day photography in hopes that it may inspire us to come up with parallels and concepts we might not otherwise make with modern art/photography.

Simply write a piece of poetry, fiction, flash fiction, or even create your own art-work.  Anything goes so long as you create/write something original!

Leave a link to your post so I (along with others) can visit and comment.  Please also link back to this page in your original post so others can find it.  

Most of all, have fun creating!

And now, for the prompt.

Retro Writes (Tuesday) #10

Look at the advertisement photo for a few moments and allow yourself to be inspired.

Here is my contribution:

Fan of Ann Bannon:  A Flash Fiction Story

"Seriously, Patsy, I dunno how you do it.  I'm just bored stiff,"  Molly exclaimed with much more fervor than was necessary.

Patsy turned another page flippantly, all but ignoring the poor girl.  It wasn't that she was ruthless.  She had grown used to the histrionics of her exasperated, boy-crazed dorm-mate.  At first she'd found Molly's dramatic speeches and ever-growing complains amusing, even endearing.  These days she listened with half an ear.

"Oh, I can't wait until Freddy gets here," Molly bounced from the bed like one of those cheap rubber balls from the dime-store toy machine and began to pull clothing from the closet. She sifted through the garments like sugar, never bothering to replace the hangers on the closet rack.

"Hmm,"  Patsy said with a blink for emphasis.  "Where are ya'll going tonight?"  Truth be told she was asking only so she'd have a more accurate calculation of how long the girl would be gone.  This way she could feign sleep shortly before her arrival without having to hear all humdrum details of her silly, girlish love affair.

"Oh we are double dating with Suzy and Lars,"  Molly said, slipping into a poodle skirt and a tight silk button up shirt.  "I think we are going to the drive in over on Hoover Street."

"Ah," Patsy said, keeping her eyes glued to the book. She cringed on the inside at the idea of sitting in a shoddy old car, hip to hip with some goofy college boy who insisted on kissing her on the cheek or discussing their next move to second base.  The idea actually made her chuckle aloud.

"What's so darn funny," Molly shot at her as a resounding knock echoed from the other side.  "Oh, that must be Freddy already!"  She dashed to smooth some lipstick across her lips and fluff her hair before grabbing her purse and all but sprinting to the door.  She stopped just short of turning the knob and leveled the heated cheeks of her gaze straight at Patsy.  "You know Pats, I dunno how you do it, study so much I mean.  All we're going to be, anyway, is someone's housewife someday.  What you need is to get out there and have fun with a nice looking man."

Patsy laid the book face-down on her chest, eager not to lose her place, and shot back at Molly without missing a beat, "What I'm reading isn't for school.  It's lesbian erotic.  Ever heard of Ann Bannon?  And no, I will never need a man, you see I'm not really into that sort of anatomy.  But you, Molly, you go out there and practice being Betty Crocker for some goofy boy who'll forget your name once he graduates to a more sophisticated lady who doesn't calculate her relationship on numbers and bases!"

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Something For The Birds

"Travelling Companions"

I sure hope they are going somewhere warm and cozy!

Created for an art challenge at Take A Word.

A Spring Theme

"Spring is Love"

"Then spring came:
branches-in-a-wind. . ."
-Carl Phillips-

Created for an art challenge at Digital Whisper.

A Vintage Gent

"The First Ford Factory"

I like to think he's the boss, considering he has this reflective look in his eye.  A very self-assured look, I believe.

Created for Sunday Postcard Art.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

'Noteworthy Links' Thursday

I haven't done one of these posts in forever.  My life is so busy (plus a case of the migraines I can't seem to shake).

However, I'm always on the lookout for great websites.  Some to help me think more deeply, others to foster a deeper sense of purposeful living, other to spark intellectual creativity.

So my serving of new website finds for this week are:

1.  Creative Thinking  -

'unveils the secrets of creative genius and brings life-changing creative techniques within everyone’s reach.'

This site is full of exercises (and articles) geared to help you learn to think 'outside' the box.

2.  Interactive Word Mover  -

'create “found poetry” by choosing from word banks and existing famous works; additionally, users can add new words to create a piece of poetry by moving/manipulating the text.'

As a mother who home schools, I first discovered this website while looking for fun, poetry-themed lesson plans.  However, as I began to explore the online application I realized how easy it was to personalize and create your own magnetic poem.  I have purchased many apps for my tablet and, honestly, I think this one works better than the ones I purchased!

You can create your own words, or you can allow the app to create you a word bank.  Once the poem is completed you can customize your background (you have a variety of 12 to choose from).

I simply love creating with it!

3.  750 Words

'a free online journaling tool created by Buster Benson. The site is based on the idea of “Morning Pages”; a journaling tool Julia Cameron suggests in her creativity course The Artist’s Way. Cameron advises aspiring creatives to start each morning with three pages of stream-of-consciousness writing to clear away the mental clutter, leaving you with a clearer mind to face the day.'

Once you create and account and sign in, you can write everyday, anytime as much as you wish.  The site even calculates your number of words written.  What's even better is, that it keeps your writing completely private.  This is a great alternative to a regular pen and paper journal.  The site is also designed to give you stats on moods and etc. based on word usage.  It's just overall fun to use and I love it!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Retro Writes (Tuesday) #9

The Rules:

Welcome to my new writing challenge!

Every Tuesday I will post some lovely retro-era eye candy as inspiration (think 50's-80's decades).  I will be posting photographs and advertisement ephemera that, perhaps, is quite different from modern day photography in hopes that it may inspire us to come up with parallels and concepts we might not otherwise make with modern art/photography.

Simply write a piece of poetry, fiction, flash fiction, or even create your own art-work.  Anything goes so long as you create/write something original!

Leave a link to your post so I (along with others) can visit and comment.  Please also link back to this page in your original post so others can find it.  

Most of all, have fun creating!

And now, for the prompt.

Retro Writes (Tuesday) #9

Look at the advertisement photo for a few moments and allow yourself to be inspired.

Here is my contribution:

The Water-Watcher

She readjusted her hat and leaned against the weathered wall of the old boat.  The red brick was cool against her back and she breathed deeply.  The smell of salt assailed the soft skin of her face but she didn't mind; the sting reminded her she was still alive.

She gripped the metal bars and threw her head back, allowed a strong sea-wind to play a six-string love song between the wilderness of her hair.  So curly it was that her father once likened it to trees warped beneath a Southern sort of cyclone, tufts pointing hap-hazardously  in directions that defied hair products (and gravity).

She didn't mind her harried site.  She only knew she loved the pier, the ocean side, how the waves reminded her of time.  It's steady breath-beat dividing space and surrendering to whatever elements the weather recommended.  It was a liquid mountain caught between the rush of life and she longed to be that strong, meditated against the flashing cerulean shades of blue and the birds who always called random 'hello's' to wayward water-watchers like herself before diving into it's depths.  

The ocean-side was steadfast, un-moving, and she found it mythical how the sand never withered, how the sea steadily coughed up secret treasures full of shells and crystal across it's deep white Peruvian rug.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Visual Poetry Monday #1

So my goal is to create and post at least 1 piece of visual poetry per week (every Monday).  This may vary from magnetic poetry to some form of art or collage coupled with words.  Depends really on what inspires me and whatever materials I have time to assemble.

This just helps me get outside the box and encourages me to play with words in a different way.  Plus I really enjoy using images when, and where, I can.  Especially if it's spontaneous.

My visual poetry piece for this week was created using acrylic paper, scrapbook backgrounds and elements, magazine clippings and gems:

This piece is reflective of my desire to break free from societal norms and expectations.  It represents the notion to get away from superficial labels and ideas and to go beyond that type of limited thinking.  A push toward breaking the mold of 'normalcy' I suppose.

It is also symbolic of my personal need to look inward for replenishment, rather than outward.  For when we look into the deepest wells of ourselves and our own souls for creative inspiration is when I feel we are most original in our work.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sunday Soul Writes #1: Meeting Myself on the Mat

The yoga mat, that is!

For a few years now, I have been practicing what professional yogi's refer to as gentle yoga.  You know, the poses that allow me to stretch my muscles (and gradually get in better shape) without leaving me feeling like a wobbly bowl of jello once I complete my usual 20 minutes.  I'm not knocking on more strenuous yoga poses, I just know myself well enough to know that handstands aren't within my comfort (or ability) just yet.  And whether or not they will ever be really isn't the issue either.

So what is the issue, you may ask?  It simply is the quiet found within the time I spend on my yoga mat.  It is about the solitude.  About calming my thoughts, paying attention to my body, and just spending a mere few moments catching my breath....and breathing.

At first when I began my yoga practice, I created a stiff, unbending regiment of poses (and reps per pose) and would take great pains to assure that I had a certain amount of time to give to my practice (twenty or thirty minutes), which is sort of hard to do if you are a stay-at-home/work from home, homeschooling mother.

What I'm trying to say is, that I took the practice so seriously that I failed to understand that the meaning of yoga is not about minute marks and un-bendable rituals, but rather about relaxation and self care.

Over time, as I integrated the practice of my yoga stretches into my busy everyday schedule, I did deviate from my first-perceived notion that in order to do my stretches everything had to be perfectly in order.  Also, over time, I realized that sometimes it wasn't even about the stretches, but about the quality time with myself that I spent on my mat.  And it wasn't even about how long I spent on the mat....some days five quiet minutes of butterfly pose was every bit as beneficial as a 12 pose yoga sequence.

I enjoyed my quiet yoga days just as much as I did my more physically strenuous ones, until one day I flipped to the Gaia channel on my Roku and stumbled upon a video about the basics of meditation.  It was then I realized I could incorporate a sense of mindfulness into my yoga practice and couple that with five minutes of meditation (usually at the end of my yoga poses) during corpse pose.  And so began my daily yoga/meditation practice...and my life hasn't been the same since.

Oh, I am not saying it's a miracle cure for your life.  Or that everything will become crystal clear and perfect if you begin a daily regiment of yoga and meditation.  Life is a messy sort of art and will never be perfect, try as we may, but it has worked small miracles in my life.  The miracle of inner peace.  The ability to think more deeply.  The quiet time for reflection has allowed me to learn so much about myself.  I have also discovered a strong inner well.  A reservoir from which I am able to pull new material for my creative endeavors. Not to mention the physical changes in my body.  Yoga is amazing for sculpting and toning.  And it teaches you to breathe.

I almost liken a yoga/meditation/mindfulness regiment to a hot soak at the end of the day.  It washes away the old, clears think space of random and useless thoughts, it's also a wonderful place to bring your emotions and your spirit for a deep cleanse.  With as little as two or three stretches and five minutes of quiet time, your complete day - your whole mindset - can be improved and rearranged.

Trust me, I do it everyday!


"From Isabella's Album"

“Every time you look up at the stars, it’s like opening a door. You could be anyone, anywhere. You could be yourself at any moment in your life. You open that door and you realize you’re the same person under the same stars. Camping out in the backyard with your best friend, eleven years old. Sixteen, driving alone, stopping at the edge of the city, looking up at the same stars. Walking a wooded path, kissing in the moonlight, look up and you’re eleven again. Chasing cats in a tiny town, you’re eleven again, you’re sixteen again. You’re in a rowboat. You’re staring out the back of a car. Out here where the world begins and ends, it’s like nothing ever stops happening.” 

Created for an art challenge at Take A Word.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Four Leaf Clover

"Top O' The Morning"

                                  ~Anne Sexton~

Created for an art challenge at Digital Whisper.

A Poetic Postcard

"The Midnight Scribe"

And here is the gorgeous poem for which my poetry quote came:

Slight of Hand
by Janey Kenny

the postman brings it
the little journal
shrink wrapped with poetry
sparse and tasteful
mots justes to burn
in a manner of speaking
each word paid for
with hard net-working

thin little poems
elegant plastic
and pale in meaning

in the back pages
the words that matter

who the poets are
but never abortions
crimes or betrayals

poems forgotten
but names remembered
follow this taxi
to be dismembered

Created for an art challenge at Sunday Postcard Art.