Monday, July 16, 2018

Daily Prose Poem

                                Image result for vintage cab


Because there's always room for one more, you flip your coin, cash your ticket, check your bags and tip the cab.  And because there's something forlorn about rolling the flesh of yourself atop four wheels across barren city side strips you've never been before, tipsy of cheap bar wine and craving the feel of soft carpeted hotel rooms.  The luckiest traveler is the one who doesn't end the night alone.  Or maybe the most unluckiest is the one who kisses the lips of some desperate stranger in a shady corner, some sad other-worldly person who wants to return to the land of home just as desperately as you.

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  1. I love how this covers the idea of moving in general from a vehicle or traveling. We are all travelers in this life, and we can only hope to return to the land of home. I wanted to let you know Stacy that I started another blog prompt site much like Magpie Tales. A photo posts every Sunday and you have all week to link up and join in. I would love it if you participated. If you decide to here is the link:


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