I was born and raised among the green wildness of the Appalachian.  My ancestors are part Irish, part Cherokee.  As a child, I climbed oak trees, drained pines of their sap.  Skinned my knees alongside the boys and nursed the broken wings of butterflies. 

I learned to read and write at the early age of three.  Expressing myself with words comes as naturally as breathing.

I did the whole college thing, astounding student loan debt and all.  Post-college, and five degrees hang across my wall.  Certifications, grad-school honors, the harrowing nine-to-five of practicums and internships where my twenties leaked like a faulty faucet.  

My third decade has found me freelancing.  Writing for the sake of writing because with the words comes a certain feel of freedom.  My independent press and an online ezine is a dream, in and of itself.  Monetary gain is of no relevance when it comes to realizing dreams.

I play with words.  I administer my vision via digital art.  I network with like-minded, free-thinking people.  I accost my evenings of books.  My kitchen wafts the constant smell of java bean.  I bend my head in prayer to whatever forces mend their meanings into my hands and hair.  

I am one with the universe, yet  I am also alone.  I have birthed a daughter from within my own bones.  Watched her walk, taught her to read.  She's part artist, part me.

I write from a townhouse nested in the outskirts of the historical downtown district, all sunny yellow siding and hardwood floors that freeze my feet come winter.

I love sweets.  And I dream.  A lot.

Talk to me, I want to know you.  And that is all.

If you want to know more about me, visit my Author Page.  

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